"...where ideas begin and creativity excels..."


...that's been my catchphrase since I began and it is something I still maintain in all the work that I do.

I am a professional photographer with many years experience in various photography genres from General Photography through to Sports Photography. As well I am experienced in web-design and social media marketing and branding.

I came originally from an artistic background both in Theatre and Television Production. After spending a number of years in Television Production I switched fields to form my first photography company in the mid-2000's and have been on a creative journey ever since.

I currently live in Guelph, Ontario. When I am not working with clients or pursuing other creative photography work I keep busy with the sport of Roller Derby in Canada photographing the sport for Jammer Line Magazine as well as running Jammer Line Multimeda, a news resource web-site for the sport.

This keeps me busy from late February through to late October every year and has allowed me to continually develop my photography skills and reach a wider audience.

I view my portfolio as a continuing work-in-progress as I am always discovering new ideas I want to pursure and as the landscape around me changes personally and professionally my portfolio reflects those changes.

I enjoy meeting the people I work with and value the continued relationships of clients who have become friends and continue to strive to be personable with everyone I deal with.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, comments, booking inquiries or anything else please feel free to contact me.

Jeff Davad | Owner/Photographer